No longer will there be any curse

Christ Community has experienced a great deal of change in recent months.  We have a new pastor, a new location and building, a new website, and some new people since I started in January.  One thing you are about to start seeing is a new logo.  For ten years we used the well recognized cross logo created by our own Lindy Woods. It has represented our church well and was so popular a church in Kansas actually purchased the right to use it!

LogowwebAs we enter our next ten years I have been thinking through a new logo to represent us in the community.  I wanted something with popular colors and font.  I wanted something that looked modern and that would appeal to a younger generation and current members alike.

The most important aspect of a new logo for me had to be its theological message.  I wanted something that reflected our identity as followers of Jesus Christ and our hope of being with him eternally.  As I looked through the Bible for ideas a certain image began to stand out: a tree.  Why?  First of all a tree represents growth, shelter, nurture, and fun.  With all the rain recently the trees at my house are going nuts and growing like crazy.  As I watch the birds in my backyard I see how important my trees are for providing them shelter.  Fruit and nut trees are known for their ability to provide food for us and we can all remember how fun it was as a kid to play among the strong branches of the oak tree out front.  For me, climbing a tree as a kid was my first opportunity to see the world from above rather than my 42 inch perspective.

As I turned to Scripture, the tree began to stand out as a rich theological symbol of our separation from God and our eventual eternal reunion.  In the Adam and Eve account, our ancestors were kicked out of the garden for eating from the tree of good and evil.  God removed them because the next forbidden tree was the tree of eternal life and they were removed so as not to eat from it before God’s planed time.  Skip ahead to the last chapter of the Bible in Revelation 22 and heaven is described as having streets of gold with the river of life flowing down them. On each side of the river sits the tree of life.  It bears fruit in all seasons and its leaves provide healing for the nations.  Ancient cultures often used leaves from plants and trees for medicinal purposes (we do this as well when we get sunburned and apply aloe vera to the burn).  The text then says “there will no longer be any curse.”  I find this exciting.  We will be invited to eat from the tree of life and enjoy the company of Jesus Christ in perpetuity with the curse wiped out.

I can’t think of a better way to represent the hope and mission of Christ Community Church than the tree of life.  It starts the story of the Bible and closes it.  It represents our troubled beginning and our eventual restoration. The colorful leaves represent both the many opportunities for spiritual growth and the many different cultures represented at Christ Community.  We have folks from South America, Central America, North America, Africa, and even Texas. I absolutely love it!
My good friend Marty Taylor, associate pastor of Journey Church in Norman worked up the current logo for us and the Christ Community Elders edited and approved it earlier in the summer.  We will use it to represent our church (and our hope) as we reach out to the community.  I hope you find the new logo empowering in your life and may it remind you of our ultimate hope of eternal life in Christ every time you see it!

In Christ, Pastor Dave

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